Vastse - Kuuste Kooli näidend Göttingenis

Näidendi tekst.
A play about Friendship
Act 1
(Chaws sit in a park drinking vodka. Ivo passes out, the other chaws keep drinking)
Taavi (to Kietzer)- Do you know the song- kui kungla rahvas…
Kietzer: you mean the song (bla-bla)
Taavi- no, no, it goes like this….
Goes to Liis, bows
Taavi: My fair lady, could i have this dance?
Liis: Do you mean our national dance "kaerajaan"
Taavi- Yeah, that´s the one
Awkward dance, everybody are clapping their hands and giggling. sitting down finally.
Isabella (to Taavi): we´re out of cider what are we having next
Taavi: something special. have a look- a pure Estonian vodka-made from finest grain growing on estonian fields. and it wasn´t cheap- about 100 kroones
Ivo: what is that in euros?
Taavi: Bout 7 euros, I guess. I had to spend all the money I robbed from eight graders.
MJ: Oo, I wish I were like you when I grow up
Liisi (to Ivo): How are you doing?
Kietzer: Wazzaq!
Martin Johannes: Gimme. (reaches for something)
Liis : What did he take?
Isabella: I don’t know, all there is?
Taavi (laughing): He is wasted.
Kristiina: I want the same stuff he had.(laughs)
(Everybody is quiet for a while. Characters sit around and drink something.)
Taavi (with emphasis): This is so lame. Let’s go somewhere else.
(Everybody starts leaving. Ivo still lies passed out on the ground.)
Taavi (kicking Ivo): Come on, get your lazy ass up.
Kietzer (starting to wonder why Ivo does not move and bends down to her): Hey.
Liisi (careless): Is he ok?
(Liisi tries to find Ivo´s pulse.)
Martin Johannes: Let’s just leave him. He’ll be fine later on.
Liisi: I can’t feel his pulse!
Isabella: Are you sure?
Liis: Is he breathing?
Liisi: No…
Liis: Let's just leave him here, he'll be fine.
Liisi: Are you sure? Maybe he's dead?
Stage is darkened, Ivo lying wrapped into white sheet. 3 chaws sitting on chairs.
Otto and Ainar questioning them.
Otto: what were you doing in the park so late in the evening. you are underage and are not allowed to stay out after 11?
Taavi: It´s a misunderstanding, I was just coming from the library… I don´t even know those people
Ainar: what were you drinking?
Martin Johannes: ee… it wasn´t me, I told them not to, but they didn´t listen to me. They are wasted I wouldn´t waste my time on them, I going to be somebody you know
Otto (to Liisi): And you left your friend behind, don´t you kids care about anything?
Liisi(in tears): I wanted to …really, but….
Stage goes black
School corridor
Students in groups greeting, chatting etc
Comes Ivo. Awkward silence, everybody stare and are wainting… Liisi steps out from the crowd.
Liisi: Hi, how are you, are you ok?
Ivo: It was tough but now it pretty much ok
Liisi: I feel so bad about what happened… can you forgive me
Ivo: Let´s just forget it and move on
Chatting quietly.
Taavi: Hey-hey- you two. Cut it out, there are other people here too
Shakes Ivo´s hand
Taavi: Look who´s back from the dead. Are you ready for the next round in the evening. This is definitely going to be something awesome.
Ivo: Aren´t you sick of the life you are living. Drinking, partying, etc. you are pathetic.
Taavi- Ou, ou, ou, slow down man. You wanted to be one of my gang, remember (points to his friends)
Ivo (to the gang). How can you put up with this, don´t you have anything better to do than follow this ape here
Taavi:Those fussies don't have a brain of their own. They are nothing without me
Kietzer (frowns): Wait a second, are you saying that I´m some braindonor ?
Kristiina: How can you say so, I thought that we were friends
MJ: You said that we can always come to you when we are in trouble
Isabella- I wasn´t fussy then when you asked me to do your French essay
Liis- What about our secret ( reaches out for Taavi´s hand)
Taavi is confused at first but then moves closer to Ivo and pushes him
Taavi: It´s none of your god damn business how I pick my friends,you cannot even hold bottle of beer down, you drink like a woman. Take a hike!