Vastse - Kuuste Kooli n├Ąidend V.K. kultuurimajas

First act -
First scene
(In the school corridor: Andra is late for school and she is looking at her watch. Urmas comes down the corridor, looking for his classroom.)
Background: picture of the school corridor beamed on the screen- file nr 01. Normal lights. No requisites on the stage.
Andra enters from left, Urmas from right.
File nr 02 on the screen.
Andra : Oh, I´m running late.
(Andra and Urmas bump into each other)
Urmas: Sorry.
Andra: What are you doing?
Urmas: ---
(Andra collects her books etc. from the floor, Andra doesn´t hear Urmas´ apologies)
Andra: Now look what you´ve done!
Urmas (very quietly): I´m so sorry. (Andra doesn´t hear)
Andra(looks at her hands and says to herself): Oh, my nails!
(Andra goes away and the boy follows her with his eyes)
Second scene
(Friends of Andra are in the drama classroom, Andra is late)
(Friends are chatting and laughing, Andra enters from right.)
Four chairs on the right corner of the stage. Normal lights, picture of William Shakespeare is beamed on the screen – file nr 03.
Liina: Hi! Where‘ve you been?
Andra: Hi! Guess what happened to me just now. I was running ´cause I was late and some stupid boy just bumped into me. I’ve never seen that boy here before. I think that he´s new at our school. He was soooo rude. He didn´t even say sorry. How stupid!
(Friends: oh... really... etc., then chatting and diva-like-acting continues)
(Drama teacher comes in from left)
Teacher: Good morning class! Everybody sit down, please!  Today we´re going to speak about ... (students are chatting on) Are you listening? We´re talking about William Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet. What do you know about the play?
Andra: There is that young couple in Verona.
Teacher: Good. What else?
Liina: They killed themselves because of love.
Andra: How stupid. I’d never do that.
Karen: Yes, because you aren’t romantic at all. But boys aren’t worth dying for them anyway. (Girls giggle)
(Somebody knocks at the door, Urmas comes in from left , Andra recognizes him as the boy from the corridor)
Andra: (aside to her friends) Oh, that´s the boy I was talking about.
Liina: Oh, he´s the stupid one.
karen: But he´s goodlooking.
Liina and Andra (in a chorus): Noooo!
Andra: Are you joking?
Teacher: Right, now. Will you please listen to me. This is Urmas, he´s a new student in our class. I hope that you´ll get on well!
Karen(loud): I guess that´s our Romeo.
(Girls are laughing)
Teacher (earnestly): That´s a good idea, indeed! (to Urmas:) Right, we‘re talking about Romeo and Juliet. Will you please take a seat there next to Andra?
(Urmas tries to sit next to Andra, who puts her books on his chair )
Teacher (to Andra): Will you please take your books away and let Urmas sit down! 
Andra(obeys but seems disappointed, says to friends): Moooove!
(Friends laugh...)
Teacher: So, who will be Juliet then? ... (looks around, focusses on Andra) Andra, you will be our Juliet!
Friends: Oh, poor you, ha ha.
Andra: Oh, please, Ma’am, do I really have to..?
(School bell rings- file nr 04.)
Lights out.
Third scene
On the right corner of the stage: one round table, and four chairs around it.
On the left – Juliet’s balcony.
Picture of the canteen is beamed on the screen- file nr 05.
One spotlight is on Urmas who is sitting behind the table, another one on Andra who enters from left.
(In the school cafe, Urmas is doing his homework, Andra comes in, looks around, sees Urmas, walks slowly up to him)
Andra (unfriendly and reluctant): Hello! Teacher told us to rehearse our parts in the play. Maybe we should do it now? So, do you have time now? ( looking around, not wanting her friends to see them)
Urmas: Yes, of course. (surprised, shy)
Andra: Then, let´s start from these lines and make it quick so we´ll get over with it. We have to rehearse the balcony scene so let´s do it with the movement over there
Spotlight on the balcony. Picture of the theatre on the screen- file nr 06.
Urmas (starts to read as Romeo): (= balcony scene, speaking sooo nicely, looking into Andra´s eyes): O, speak again, bright angel! For thou art - As glorious to this night being o’er my head - As is a winged messenger of heaven - Unto the white-upturned wondering eyes - Of mortals that fall back to gaze on him - When he bestrides the lazy-pacing clouds - And sails upon the bosom of the air.
Andra (reading Juliet´s lines, feeling like Juliet while reading!!!): O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo? - Deny thy father and refuse thy name; - Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, - And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.
(She drops her textbook, both are leaning down, faces close to each other, eyecontact)
File nr 07 - pink hearts.
Urmas (friendly): Let me help you.
Andra (surprised, starts to see Urmas differently): Oh, thanks. That’s nice of you. (smiles, continues reading Juliet): How camest thou hither, tell me, and wherefore? - The orchard walls are high and hard to climb, - And the place death, considering who thou art, - If any of mykinsmen find thee here. 
(Urmas reaches out and takes Andra’s hand in his, they continue hand in hand. The text is very romantic, so is the atmosphere)
Urmas (as Romeo): With love’s light wings did I o’er-perch these walls; - for stony limits cannot hold love out, - And what love can do that dares love attempt; - Therefore thy kinsmen are not let to me.
(Friends enter the café from right, unnoticed by Urmas and Andra, who continue reading)
Karen: Where’s Andra? I haven´t seen her for a while.
(Friends seeing Urmas and Andra holding hands, break the magical moment)
Liina: Oh, there’s Andra. And Urmas!!
Friends (in a chorus): What - are - you - doing?
(Andra and Urmas lat go of their hands and move away from each other). Picture on the screen changes- file nr 08.
Andra: We...we...
Urmas: Oh, I got to go now. (rises and ...)
Second act
First scene
(Otto,, Karen, Liina, accidentally meet in the school corridor. Otto enters left, Liina and Karen right.)
Normal Lights, picture of the corridor on the screen- file nr 09.
Liina and Karen: Hello Otto.
Otto: Hey!
Liina: How are you doing? How was England?
Otto: England was great. How are you?
Friends together: : We´re so happy to see you
Andra and Urmas enter from the left.
Karen: Hey Andra, look Otto has come back, aren´t you thrilled to see him!
Andra: Yes, yes, that´s nice... but we have to go now (Andra and urmas are walking away)
Karen: You see, Andra is dating with Urmas now, but we don´t like him... he is a hypocrite and a strange guy.
Otto: I already know him, I met him at the sports camp in the summer.
Liina: He goes in the drama group with us. He plays Romeo in the play.
Otto: Ooo really!
Lights go out.
Second scene
On the screen- video from scool corridor file nr 10.
Otto enters from the left and Urmas from the right.
Otto: Hi!
Urmas: Look who´s back!?
Otto:Have you already forgot Piret, Triinu, Mari?
File nr 11 – fight scene.
Urmas: What are you talking about?
Otto: You know very well, what I´m talking about...
Urmas: Don´t mess with me, you know very wellwhat I´m capable of doing.
Otto: I can prove that you are not as nice gay as Andra thinks you are.
(Urmas pushes Otto and otto hits him back. Urmasfalls on the ground). Liina and Karen pass.
Liina: Andra come here, Urmas and Otto are fighting!
Andra runs to Urmas.
The video stops.
Andra: Are you okey, what happened? Why were you fighting?
Urmas: I´m not sure, Otto started.
Otto: He is lying. And I wanna talk to you in private, please.
Andra: Get lost, I don´t wanna see you anymore, you have done enough
Andra and Urmas walk away to the left.
Otto: I’m worried about Andra, we have to get rid of this Urmas guy. Otherwise Andra will get hurt.
Karen: We should test him.
Liina: That’s a great idea. We have a dance party on Friday, a disco. Karen will tempt him and let’s see what happens!
Otto: We should try it, but I don’t know if he will fall.
Lights out.
Third scene
Disco lights all the other lights off. Spotlight on Andra and Urmas. Music - file nr 12 („Absoluutselt“).
Andra and Urmas are dancing in the middle of the stage. Liina, Karen and Otto are dancing and chatting in the left corner.
Andra: I have to powder my nose.
Urmas: I shall wait for you right here, my bright Angel!
(Karen comes to Urmas, leans over him.)
Music is turned down.
Karen: I have noticed you, Andra is not the right girl for you, if you wanna have real fun, come with me.
(Urmas moves closer to Karen and at the same time Andra returns and sees all.)
Andra: What are you doing with Karen, Urmas!!!
Urmas: So what, come on ,let’s go dancing!
Andra: I’m not going anywhere with YOU!
(Hits Urmas in the face. Urmas leaves to the right.)Andra tries to run away, but Karen comes and stops her.
Karen: Andra, we were just testing Urmas, it wasn’t anything special.
Andra: I don’t belive you, you were my best friend and you cheated me.
Karen: I can show you some pictures of Urmas and other girls.
Andra: OK, but just for a few minutes.
 (Karen takes her camera and shows the pictures.) Files nr 1317.
Andra: Oh, my God, I can’t belive my eyes. How could Urmas do this to me, I thought he was the one.
Karen: And look at the date – it was yesterday.
Andra: Thanks for being a real friend. (Hugs Karen.)
Lights out.
Third scene
In drama class. Picture of William Shakespeare beamed on the background – file nr 18.
2 chairs in the right corner and 2 chairs in front of the screen (Otto and teacher are quietly duscussing smth.) Normal lights.
Liina is sitting, reading. Urmas goes to her and starts flirting.
Liina: Go away, you already hurt Andra! (Jumps up and retreats.)
Karen enters from the left, Urmas goes to her and tries to put his arm around her shoulder.
Karen: Get lost, it was just an act, I don’t like you! (Goes and takes a seat next to Liina.)
Andra enters from the left. Urmas runs to her.
Urmas: Hey baby, why were you so angry yesterday and walked away, when I wanted to dance with you?
Andra: And you ask!!! (Hits Urmas in the face. Teacher comes forward, interferes and shouts:           
Teacher: Hey – hey, what about our play!?
Urmas: What ever, who cares..! (Leaves the stage.)
All the lights go off, except for a spotlight which is on Otto and Andra. Also the background picture changes – file nr 19 (with music of The Beatles).
They look into eachother’s eyes and smile.
Lights go out.
The End.